Created in 2009

A not for profit group, Redland's Creative Alliance was an initiative created by Redland's City Council in 2009. A website was created for communicating with Redland City's creative community. The Council did not support the cost of the site a year later and a private individual took over and received some funds through appeals for donations. This method of raising funds became unsustainable.

In late 2010 a local artist (May Sheppard) took over and held two Redfest Strawberry Festival exhibitions in 2012 and 13. There were Cleveland Market stalls also in 2012 with small sales made by the artists involved. May organised an Alliance visual arts exhibition in 2013 at Redland's Performing Arts Centre(RPAC). This exhibition was part of the Ignite Redlands Light Art Festival celebrating local arts through light. RPAC displayed the Alliance's month long exhibition for the first time(no other exhibition had been held there before) including projected images on a very large screen at the front of the Centre. Exhibitions have been displayed for one month at RPAC ever since. Since 2017 the Redland Museum has also featured an Alliance members 2D and 3D exhibition in their Dunn Gallery.

A small fee for entering these exhibitions means funds are raised to support the Alliance website and exhibition expenses.

Otherwise joining the Alliance has been free prior to July 2019 and run as a voluntary organisation. It is still run by volunteers but in July 2019 became (like most art organisations) a paid membership. Fees are modest and affordable by most individuals or groups.

On the 18th August 2018, members attended a general meeting where it was decided to become incorporated and in June 2019 it was agreed to charge a joining fee to members so the Alliance can continue to support artists of Redland City.

The Goals and Objectives of Redland's Creative Alliance Inc. in the future are:

  • Promote and stimulate the arts – all forms of arts

  • Enhance and raise awareness of an arts culture and creativity in our wonderful Redland City 

  • Enhance the artistic quality of local arts activities, with encouragement and support

  • Preserve our diverse cultural and artistic traditions within the Redlands

  • Assist with sponsorships and grants for local artists and local groups

  • Promote and assist members to organise events, classes, exhibits, competitions and displays

  • Create and provide resources to assist local artists to flourish ‐ and when we become more financial including public liability insurance for all members

  • Be a united arts community and voice within the Redlands.


We serve to broaden the public awareness of arts and culture and promote the arts within the community and the wider area of South East Queensland.