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Created in 2009

A not for profit group, Redland's Creative Alliance was an initiative created by Redland City Council in 2009. A website and monthly newsletter was created for communicating with Redland City extensive creative community. The Council did not support the cost of the site a year later and decided not to continue.

In late 2010 local artist, May Sheppard, not wanting to see this way of bringing Redland artists together disappear, took over. She organised two Reddest Strawberry Festival exhibitions in 2012 and 13. The Alliance also took part in several Cleveland Markets in 2012 with small sales made by the artists involved.

In 2013 the Alliance held a visual arts exhibition at Redland Performing Arts Centre(RPAC) as part of the Ignite Redlands Light Arts Festival celebrating local arts through light. RPAC displayed the Alliance's month long exhibition for the first time(no other exhibition had been held there before) including projected images on a very large screen at the front of the Centre. Exhibitions, including 3D, have been displayed for one month at RPAC every year since.

Since 2017 Redland Museum's Dunn Gallery have had Alliance members 2D and 3D exhibitions and in 2019 MyHorizons in Capalaba also featured an art exhibition. 

lliance exhibitions usually consist of 32 to over 40 members, with 2 to 3 works each on display. We encourage all forms of art from drawings, painting - in any media, digital art, photography and 3D - pottery or sculpture.

Redfest Strawberry Festival is held every September in the Cleveland Showgrounds. It attracts 7,000+ visitors and has also been a venue for three years when the Alliance have members marketing their creations. ‘Artist’s Conversations’ - is an opportunity for the public to chat, sign up for classes and purchase art and craft and see performances.

Entertainment is always provided at our exhibition openings and Redfest - poetry readings, excerpts from books, musicians - all sorts of other performers.

A small fee, for taking part in these events, means funds are raised to support the Alliance website and exhibition expenses, such as cost of venue in some cases and refreshments.

In September 2018 the Alliance became incorporated with a full management committee. We are on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO) and have a  Donations Sub-committee, making it legal for us to receive tax deductible gifts. We are now able to help with auspicing, meaning we can provide extra support to our members.

We also hold public liability insurance to cover all members at events the Alliance is involved with. 


In June 2019 it was agreed among members to have a modest joining fee for new members so the Alliance can
continue to support artists of Redland City. 

In late 2018 we applied for a ‘home’ for the Alliance through Redland Council. This was a refurbished 1890’s Station Masters Cottage and although one of two in the final choice, failed to obtain a base from which the Alliance could operate. We continue to seek a place to call our own.

As of January 2020 we have 312 members on Facebook and 222 through our website - with these numbers growing all the time.

The Mission, Values and Objectives of Redland's Creative Alliance Inc.:


  • Promote and stimulate the arts – of all disciplines.

  • Enhance and raise awareness of an arts culture and creativity in our wonderful Redland City.

  • Enhance the artistic quality of local arts activities, with encouragement and support.

  • Preserve our diverse cultural and artistic traditions within Redland City.

  • Assist with sponsorships and grants for local artists and local groups.

  • Promote and assist members to organise events, classes, exhibits, competitions and displays.

  • Create and provide resources to assist local artists to flourish.

  • Be a united arts community and voice within the Redland City.


We serve to broaden public awareness of arts and culture and promote the arts within our community and wider area of South East Queensland.

The video below was produced by Redland Art Gallery in 2021 to promote the Infocus Exhibition at the capalaba Gallery - however what President may Sheppard talks about applies to the Alliance membership and the ethics that May upholds.