As a creative person who wants to strive for big things and has little funding to do so maybe on this page you will find that opportunity to make your dream come true.

Listed below are the fund and grants available in Australia for creative workers.

If you'd like to add one please do so - with a website link or contact details through our contact page and it will be posted here

Arts Queensland Funding


Arts Queensland, is dedicated to growing a vibrant and sustainable arts and cultural sector in Queensland. 

They recognise the public value of Queensland's dynamic arts and cultural sector and its delivery on the Queensland Government’s community objectives. Specifically, its contribution to the creation of jobs and a diverse economy, and building safe, caring and connected communities.

Arts Queensland is committed to ensuring integrity, accountability and consultation in delivering on our responsibilities and approach, and communicating outcomes.

The Queensland Government's approach to investing in arts and culture is outlined in the Arts Queensland Arts and Cultural Investment Framework (DOCX) (2.69 MB).

We encourage you to download and review this document, read investment case studies, and explore your funding options below.

Also have a look at Individuals Fund - March 2017 round - Who received funding and how they did it?



Australian Arts Council


Individual artists are eligible to apply for either of the two following grants through the Australian Arts Council  -
1) Arts Projects Grants - for any stage of the creation and presentation of a work
2) Career Development Grants - for skills and career development opportunities such as workshops, skills training, masterclasses, residencies

Organisations are eligible to apply for the follow grant – 
Arts Projects for Organisations - this program funds a range of activities that deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences.
The last closing date for these grants was 5 June for projects commencing after 1 September 2018.

More information about grants is available on the page below -

The grant rounds are always very competitive - usually only 15-20% of applications in a given grant round are successful. It may be worth looking into additional sources of funding, such as your local government, state government, philanthropic organisation. For other sources of funding, alternative funding sources for creative projects that is available on the
Australian Arts Council website -

You may also want to read through the Australian Arts Council FAQs –

If there is anything we can clarify, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Esther Rolfe, Grants Officer
Artists Services
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