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There are many benefits of joining our growing Alliance, which exists to assist local artists and local groups with all the benefits outline below.

We wish to create and provide resources to assist local artists to flourish.

Our aim is to work with individuals and/or groups to collaborate, consistent

with goals, policies or activities of any creative group or individual.
We have no restrictions on being a member of  both groups and the Alliance.

We only wish to create a united arts community and voice and to be active within the Redlands.

Redland's Creative Alliance Inc. is a recently incorporated entity and, in order  to remain sustainable, we must now charge a membership fee. Please see the classifications and benefits of membership below.

As an Individual, Concession, Student or Youth member, your benefits as a member are:

  • Opportunities to exhibit and sell work at Redland’s Performing Arts Centre and Redland’s Museum Dunn Wing Gallery - all of which are annual events. Sometimes, other venues also become available. Entry fees for these events are usually $20 for individual members for two works, with the period of the exhibition ranging from 4 to 5 weeks. 
    Sales of artworks at Alliance exhibitions have a low commission of 10%. We also circulate articles for print and social media, which helps promote exhibition attendance and artwork sales.


  • Opportunities for performance artists members may be approved to perform at exhibition openings and other events.

  • Join in on other events,such as Redfest - the annual Redland's Spring Festival - with a stall and opportunity to sell items, market days, and performance opportunities.

  • At our General Meetings you can discuss ideas for the Alliance to develop and you’ll also have voting rights at our Annual General Meetings.

  • You will be covered by Public Liability insurance during Alliance events and participation at other events.

  • Through our communications with members you will receive our informative e-newsletter, which highlights artistic activities, hints, competition information etc., as well as announcements on the Alliance website and Facebook page.

  • Access to tuition, workshops and classes run by individuals and group members.

  • Other benefits as may arise.

As a Group member your benefits are:

You will have access to the blogging facilities of the Alliance website, be able to post news, events and members’ work, receive invitations to exhibitions and events and receive the Alliance e-newsletter. If your members wish to enter Alliance exhibitions, they have the choice to pay a slightly higher entry fee with 20% sales commission. They may choose to become a member in their own right and qualify as an individual.

Membership is Free

Please note all information stored about you in this site and by the Alliance off site, is kept confidential, secure and not passed onto any other party. No monetary transactions are carried out on this site. 


Whatever your creative interest is, be it in production, process, performance, or end product across the spectrum of creativity; dance – performance art – ballet – acting – stage – film – street performers – music – writers – producers – performers – poets – writers – editors – audio presenters – film – video – special effects – publishers – audio-visual – 3D – sculpture –  painting – sketching – applied flat work –, pottery –, photography – printers and reproduction – computer-based – street art – indigenous arts and dance – jewellery making – crafts – needlework – scrap-booking – textiles – metalwork – other cultural workers, art-lovers and supporters – Redland's Creative Alliance strives to broaden public awareness of arts and culture, and to promote the arts within the local community and wider areas of South East Queensland.

To see Alliance members groups and studios locations visit our Redland City map here.