Post work - all applied flat work, sculpture, pottery, film/ video, digital, street art, installations and textiles

Dec 31, 2017

The competition I have entered is with LensCulture The images I have entered are shown below. The competition will be judged in February and there is a total of $22,000 in prizes. The winners enterie
Jun 3

Recently finished this illustration 'In the Mangroves'.I love our native wildlife. There will be more to come!
Oct 2, 2018

My latest portrait. I found His features, wrinkles, and that unmistakable hairstyle irresistibly challenging. Inspired by a monochrome photo, but with some enhancements. Oils on stretched canvas 4
Sep 27, 2018

In May 2018 my website had an amazing 12 542 visits ! Even The Office of Environment and Heritage NSW checked it out and then requested 44 photos. The effort to try and build my first website last Se
Sep 17, 2018

Every school holidays, Windmill Pottery holds clay play workshops for kids, usually based on family movies that come out during the holidays. These school holidays beginning on September 22nd, the th
Aug 21, 2018

Aug 20, 2018

I started learning and experimenting with portraiture, a discipline I would not consider previously. In our weekly art group , after an exercise where we tried drawing each other's portrait, I liked
Dec 27, 2017

This is a mixed media painting of Moreton Island. I see this every day in it's many moods. The painting is produced in mixed acrylic medias. Hope you like it.
May 22

Sep 30, 2018

Flossy P finds online marketplace a double-edged sword for vulnerable artists' copyright ABC Coffs Coast By Meghna Bali and Fiona Poole PHOTO: Sarah Lyttle found an online business was pirating an
Sep 27, 2018

I am a tutor in Mixed Media at Yurara Art Society. I have planned a block of work, highlighting the technique of Glazing in a Mixed Media composition. Classes for this term begin on Tuesday
Aug 31, 2018

I am updating my website and my artist statement as part of an assignment for Uni. It has been very useful to think about my Visual Identity.
Aug 21, 2018

Aug 20, 2018

Jun 23

As an artist to participate you'll need to get the details from
Nov 21, 2018

I enjoy the striking contrast between the Australian dry desert background and the stark defined lines of the ants.
Sep 27, 2018

to be released 24.October 2018 making this the 7th book containing my photographs. The designers have used 5 of my photographs in this book
Sep 25, 2018

My final project for my Uni degree is 8 paintings and 64 digital images. Identity through self-portraiture. I am still working on it but here are some of them. There will be 64 digital images as well
Aug 21, 2018

WS oils on canvas, 2018. H G Wells is a science fiction writer who's visionary imagination I admire. My inspiration for this painting was an old monochrome photo. I decided to try throwing caution
Aug 20, 2018