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Edited: Dec 31, 2017

This write up appeared in the Redland City Bulletin last year.


JUST like every great photographer, Phil Robinson never leaves home without his camera.


Holding his Canon 5D Mark II with the strap resting on his neck, ready to shoot his next great photo, he said, "my best photo is the one I will take tomorrow".


Phil, of Cleveland, has always had a love for photography and remembers his attempt when he was 16 years old to magnify an image using an old pair of optical glasses.


For many years he considered himself a "happy snapper", but began to take it seriously on retirement.


For many years he considered himself a "happy snapper", but began to take it seriously on retirement.


"During my working career I didn't do much in the way of photography. I did family photos," he said.


"It wasn't until I retired 10 years ago I started to take it seriously."


Phil said he took a more organic approach to photography and confessed he had never used Photoshop to enhance his work.


"I crop, and maybe lighten, darken or sharpen a little bit in Aperture software, but my whole concept is to get a great photo in the first place.


"I entered a photo in a national photographic competition in a section called 'creative'.



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"I won the award. However, this section was aimed at 'photoshopped' images, but my image was the only one not 'photoshopped'."


Phil enjoyed taking photos during the day and used the light changes from morning to evening.


"I find inspiration from what is around me," he said.


He said he loved nature and found it to be an essential component of his work.


"Nature and colour would best describe my style," he said.


Over the years his work had evolved significantly.


"I am more aware of what is around me," he said.


"I see things now that 10 years ago I would never have noticed.


Phil, a member of the Old Schoolhouse Gallery and Redland Camera Club, said art needed to be promoted more.


"I just like being around creative people and seeing the general population enjoying the work that we do," he said.


"One of the things I enjoy most is seeing people come into the Old Schoolhouse Gallery and get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of other people's creative work."


Phil's dream would be to get out to the backblocks of Australia and capture images of the country's natural wonders.


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